The Best Shopping Sites for Tech

A lot of people know that Newegg has good prices for computer parts. But did you know that B&H sells genuine toner at good prices, Hdcom has good outdoor wireless product prices or sells cable adapters for less?

This is my list of sites that I frequently use to purchase tech products. I purchase various technical equipment and supplies from a lot of different sites and vendors and it is quite difficult to remember all the good sites and links so I put them all into one page. These sites and categories have been carefully selected and will provide good, if not the best, sources for tech and tech supply shopping. If you need to shop for tech and need to know the sites that have the best, lowest prices, make sure to bookmark this page and use it for future purchase references.

When certain categories or brands are mentioned, those are one of the best sites to buy’em!

Clicking on each link will take you directly to the related page for convenient shopping. This page will be handy for quick reference. Keep it bookmarked!

[Note: This page is not yet complete. More sites will be added periodically.]

Website Top Categories Random Timers, Digital Thermometers, Tools CPUs, Motherboards, HDDs, SSDs, Video Cards, RAM, Flash Memory, Operating Systems MUXLab CAT5 Audio Video extenders Outdoor Wireless Network Equipment, Ubiquiti Networks Products Cell Phones and Services (check Facebook page for deals) Audio/Video Cable Adapters, Splitters, RJ-45 Connectors Electronic Components and Parts (good for repairing stuff) Photo / Video equipment, Professional Photo / Video equipment, Original Printer Toner & Ink, Lighting Equipment, Apple Products
Microcenter Apple Products prices lower than full retail price (prices may vary, but usually on well stocked products)


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