Solution for Stuck on Downloading… Do not turn off Target!!! Problem

If you were trying to flash, update or factory reset your phone on your Verizon Fascinate, you might get stuck on a yellow triangle warning sign with an Android bot shoveling with the message, “Downloading… Do not turn off Target!!!”.

This is your phone’s download mode and if it doesn’t clear up soon, you can disable this mode by pressing the volume up button for a few seconds and your phone will boot up as normal. If this doesn’t work, you can pull out your battery and put it back in for a restart.

Even if it is downloading, the system is not under a full flash or update so it shouldn’t harm your device in any way.

53 Responses to Solution for Stuck on Downloading… Do not turn off Target!!! Problem

  1. Jigs says:

    I do not want to normally reboot phone again. I want to upgrade android 2.1 to 2.2 through kies. When downloading screen appears it stucks. What can i do? Plz help.. Thanx in adv.

  2. David says:

    If you have a Verizon Fascinate, you are entitled to a 2.2 Froyo update. This seems to be done in some sort of specific order since there are multitudes of users. For Verizon Fascinate, it will download and install the update for you automatically when your turn comes and when you restart your phone. It will give you instructions from there.

    2.2 update for the Fascinate is excellent, especially with the long GPS fix issue I’ve been long waiting for.

  3. Aisha says:

    how about on samsung galazy 5-GT15500 how can i unlock it after too many pattern attempts

  4. nate says:

    can this work on samsung galaxy s gt 19000

  5. becky says:

    Can you do it on a samsung gallaxy GT-I5500

  6. alyssa says:

    I got the Samsung continuum 1400 a month ago and I went to turn my phone off and I got the android downloading message. Does this mean something is wrong. I’ve read a lot of different blogs and answers and some say it could be the firmware

  7. jayque says:

    Do this work for a Verizon Droid x phone

  8. brandon says:

    hey i am really really stuck i have the tmobile galaxy s, and my phone is stuck on the Downloading. . . .Do not turn off target. . . and i have tried removing the battery, the volume up power and home key method, the volume dwn, home & power key method and both volume dwn/up &power key method. and nothing is working its still popping back up. Can anybody help me i am really lost

  9. Chris says:

    Im having the same issue and have tried everything u listen plus some.. did u ever figure this out?

  10. bishar says:

    i have problem with downloads to my sumsung phone Gt-E2222 including vedios from you – tube could any one be of help

  11. Davish Bholah says:

    I have a samsung galaxy s GT I9003….i’ve tried it but no responce??
    plz help me….thnx…;)

  12. thank you … i jsut got this issue.. and i restarted.. THANKS ALLAH.. it’s resolved…

    Davish Bholah.. if you plug this with computer.. remove battery, insert it.. plug with computer.. press and hold up volume button and press power button..

    now.. unplug from computer… press and hold up volume button..

    and then remove battery .. and insert back it.. and start in a normal way.. home IA… this will work

    • Kayla says:

      Thank you!!!!! SOOOOO SOOOO much!!!!!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Worked for me! I had to try a couple times. My screen said the USB device had malfunctioned. I pressed the volume up and power button for awhile and finally got my screen to show the battery charging. I then unplugged it from the computer and turned it on. Everything seems to be working, thanks!!!!!!!

    • budi says:

      very very brilliant…..n simple.tq bro…

    • ros says:

      thanku so much it work for me

    • Leese says:

      Come Again? I tried this several times and it is still not working for me. My phone either gets stuck on the battery charge screen when I plug it in. or on the Samsung logo when I try to turn it on. Do I have a different issue?? I was really hoping this was going to work. I’ve tried so many options.
      Just to clarify…
      ..remove battery…insert it back in…plug into computer…press and hold volume up button and power button.
      (battery appeared during plug in and went away during the button press)
      then unplug from comp…press n hold up volume button…
      (nothing happened here, battery went away, but no samsung logo)
      remove battery…insert back in…power up phone like normal.

      Does the screen change while holding on volume key? Because it wouldn’t change for me so I removed battery while holding on to the volume up button. I tried it a couple ways a few times. no go. Sry. Im frustrated : ( any advice? did i get it right? plz help.

      • Karrie says:

        hi, did you ever get your phone fixed? I’m having the same problem and its been a while actually, I’m debating whether I should get a new one already or not.

      • vaish says:

        exactly the same is happening to me. but i cant find any solution 🙁

    • rana says:

      wao,,,,,,,,,,it worked thanks alot

    • Cal Kowalewski says:

      Muhammad has it, if not take up fiddlin…& choose factory reset.

    • Mohit Singh says:

      Bro solution for Samsung galaxy tab P1000
      ( Non removable battery )

  13. suppachai says:

    I live in Thailand (Thank you)

  14. tasara moore says:

    hi i need mayor help i have my fone on a locked screen nd i needa know how i get it off i forgot my pass code nd it doesnt give me anyway too get bcx in my fone plz help mee i have a 4G SAMSUNG VERIZON LTE

  15. Immi says:

    I have galaxy s gt19000 n i have forgtn the unlock parttern ta n now the screen is stuck on askun goggel acnt n nw whe the hell i get this goggel accnt i dnt kne abt it…. So plz help as soon as possible

  16. paul says:

    my phone is stuck on the yellow triangle warning sign, even after taking out the battery. it automatically turns back on and that triangle pops up again. i tried rebooting it but still does the same thing.

  17. sunny harwick says:

    I have a att samsung galaxy note with the message downloading do not turn off target I cannot even get the battery out what is going on with this???

  18. joel says:

    hello anyone can help to release a phone that I have my phone, an LG E739, my touch

  19. Uncapd says:

    I threw mine on the floor and stomped on it, then ‘fonzi-d’ it a few times… and somehow it is all better now! Crazy scary when you use your phone to help run a business, phone store (fruit shaped phone store), here I come!

  20. kelli says:

    My 4G LTD is a brick, it had down
    Load target then went blank. Wont respond to volume up volume down or battery out and in. Help please. How do I do computer reset? Is it on line somewhere?

    • Charlyn Miles says:

      Samsung Galaxy Note 4; It was chasrging fine…then it got bumped off the edge, bending the cord for charging it; I get a strange screen that says “factory mode….and”udc start” what is going on)

  21. qari EATIZAZ HUSNAIN says:

    thanks for help me.

  22. md. nasim says:

    my samsung galaxy s duos gt s-7562 has no download mode and i have a problem in my phone it is locked by too many pattern attempt. so how i can unlock my phone. please help me. i have tried many option to unlock or hard reset but the phone have no any download or recovery mode option.

  23. Jeremy says:

    I’m having the same problem it says
    RP SWREV: S1, T1, R1, A3, P1
    What do I do I tried everything resetting it didn’t work. Please help

  24. ashok says:

    my phone recognize only downloading do not turn off what should i do?

  25. ashok says:

    help me gt-s5830i

  26. imran says:

    i have the samsung s7562 it has strucked in the downloading do not turn off target ive tried the above procedure but it didnt worked for me

  27. Rfulk says:

    Could not do normal boot.
    ddi : mmc_read failed
    CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Offical
    AP SWREV S1, T1, A1, A1, P1

    Do not turn off target!!

  28. Mahesh Kumar says:

    my Samsung i9082 garend mobile very Solow plz solution imitated

  29. Mambá says:

    I have the same problem with my Samsung tab-4 SM T330

  30. sady says:

    My samsung galaxy gts 7562 shows an yellow sign on logo and when i was installing a custom rom with right procedure it shows
    cant open sdcard
    Installation aborted
    Plz tell me the soln

  31. i tried rooting my device by king root …
    and it got hanged in between and then i removed battery…
    restarted my phone (samsung j2) and it stucks in samsung logo and says kernel is something something…then it says some app tried to install some files without permission…and now it stuck in download do not ….!!!.
    what should i do i think its installing stock rom.should i remove baterry.
    please reply fast..

  32. sam says:

    ok so my phone was having trouble all day today and when i tried to power it off, the same thing popped up. so i found a vid and if you hold down the power button, volume down, and home key, itll restart!!

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