Samsung P2770HD 27″ LCD Monitor

This is the monitor I recommended to my sister-in-law yesterday. She wanted a monitor to replace her existing 4:3 ratio 19″ one and I highly recommended this 27″ over a 24″ one.


Given the larger size of these displays and the distance from where you sit, the 27″ screen at 1920×1080 resolution is “the best” for reading small text on a widescreen monitor. The text on a 24″ widescreen at 1920×1080 is actually smaller than a 4:3 ratio 19″ at 1280×1024. Gift your parents the 24″ wide monitor and the next thing you’ll notice is they will start looking for their glasses.

Does this mean a larger screen is better? No. if you happen to step up to a 30″ LCD computer monitor, the resolution standard jumps to 2560×1600 which makes text even smaller. (please note that this is a computer monitor and not a LCD TV)

But why a monitor with a built-in TV function?

Yes, this monitor has a TV tuner and the inputs to connect your HD cable box, network media player or game console and is a bit thicker. But considering the $319.99 price on this, you are getting this capability for free. The TV quality may be a tad lower than a regular HDTV device but coming from the computer monitor side, this will give you clearer text and graphics for computer use.

If you come from a smaller screen, the size of this monitor may overwhelm you at first but no worries, get used to it for a few days and you’ll appreciate the larger text size and pleasant posture and web surfing soon.

If you have a small desk, however, you may want to go for the 24″ one due to the sitting distance from the screen.

This Samsung P2770HD monitor was purchased from at $319.99.

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