Recommended: Best Cost-Effective Router for Internet Traffic Control – Asus RT-N16

While searching for a highly cost-effective router with internet traffic control capabilities, I found out that a router based on a customized firmware called Tomato was a very good option for traffic monitoring, QoS and bandwidth control.

The Tomato firmware, which runs on specific Linux based routers, seems to be the best option out there among freely available custom firmware for traffic monitoring and control. In easier words, the Tomato firmware shows you which computers on your network are hogging your internet and allows you to control that traffic.

When you have more than 10+ computers on the network, however, monitoring manually does not come up effective as you cannot constantly check your own traffic 24/7. This is where QoS comes in. QoS (Quality of Service) is basically a set of rules that you can limit or determine which internet services (or programs) have priority access over a limited amount of bandwidth (speed). QoS also provides traffic distribution which limits the amount of resources a certain application can occupy.

I will detail instructions on how to install Tomato and will provide a basic guideline for traffic monitoring in a later post  but in this one, I would like to point out a router for those who are searching for one of the best Tomato compatible routers.

My choice is the Asus RT-N16 router. This router has a faster processor than most internet routers in the market and it also has a generous 128MB of RAM which comes in handy under heavy internet use. This is also a router that has been successfully deployed for mid-to-large installations which really matters when picking a router you have not fully tested yourself.

My choice of purchase was from Newegg, where it was sold for $72.99 after a $10 rebate.

After test running the router, I am quite happy to have the tools available to monitor traffic and restrict it as necessary for a stable connection for all users.


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