Quick Bandwidth Conversion Chart from bps to Bps (Bits Per Second to Bytes Per Second)


Have you wondered how fast your internet connection really is? Do you want to know how fast you can transfer data or files using your internet or network connection?

While there are many conversion tools on the internet that you can punch in your data, I’ve created a chart with most popular speeds that gives you a pretty clear idea what your connection is capable of and should be helpful when transferring large files within a deadline.

Your Internet Speed (bits) Max. Data Transfer Rate (bytes) Hourly Amount
56 Kbps 7 KB/s 25.2 MB
512 Kbps 64 KB/s 230.4 MB
1 Mbps 125 KB/s 450 MB
3 Mbps 375 KB/s 1.35 GB
5 Mbps 625 KB/s 2.25 GB
8 Mbps 1 MB/s 3.6 GB
10 Mbps 1.25 MB/s 4.5 GB
12 Mbps 1.5 MB/s 5.4 GB
15 Mbps 1.875 MB/s 6.75 GB
20 Mbps 2.5 MB/s 9 GB
35 Mbps 4.375 MB/s 15.75 GB
50 Mbps 6.25 MB/s 22.5 GB
54 Mbps 6.75 MB/s 24.3 GB
100 Mbps 12.5 MB/s 45 GB
144 Mbps 18 MB/s 64.8 GB
300 Mbps 37.5 MB/s 135 GB
480 Mbps 60 MB/s 216 GB
1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) 125 MB/s 450 GB
5 Gbps 625 MB/s 2.25 TB
10 Gbps 1.25 GB/s 4.5 TB


Please note that this is the theoretical maximum speed and data transfer rate. Actual throughput will be lower than this depending on the quality of the connection and many other factors.

Transfers over Wi-Fi and uploads/downloads over the internet generally fall well below the maximum speed.

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