[Purchased] Logitech HD Webcam C260

Today, I received a shipment from TigerDirect with the new webcam I ordered for my boys to video chat with their cousins. I wanted a low cost webcam with a good quality image, especially without the grainy video most cheap webcams tend to have.



I’ve always liked the “RightLight” feature from Logitech webcams that brightens up when the ambient lighting is dark. Along with this and the 1280 x 720 resolution, the Logitech C260 works very well as a relatively low-cost webcam and is definitely a good purchase.

The colors on the much higher-end C910 are just slightly better but the 260 color is excellent by itself and just perfect for Skype and other video chat uses. Feedback from family was quite good.

The one I purchased was at $16.99 through TigerDirect’s eBay page. Often prices are lower on eBay, but looking at it now, the price is back up to $19.99 (prices seem to change at times, a common practice). Still at $19.99 (and free shipping), this webcam is one of the best values and is money well spent. (oh, and this webcam normally sells at your favorite local electronics store for $29.99-$39.99 + tax)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Logitech-C260-Webcam-/320785562088 or


[Update] TigerDirect’s eBay page keeps changing. As of today, this color model is the only one available at $19.99 but with free shipping. (buying another one for my mother-in-law)

[Update] The Logitech C260 seems to be discontinued. The C270 is very much the same and prices are now similar.


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