How to Unlock Android Phone After Too Many Pattern Attempts Without Factory Reset

[Note: Updated with Method #2, #3 and Additional Tip on February 13th, 2012, minor updates January, 2014]

My 4 year old boy loves my Verizon Fascinate and I knew he would screw up my phone in one way or another so I set a pattern lock to my phone. Not surprisingly, my phone was soon locked…. and also bricked! After 20 unsuccessful pattern attempts, the Android OS locks your phone with a “Too many pattern attempts!” message and asks for your Google account name and password. I only had one and I knew the password worked but it did not unlock my phone no matter what, only giving me a “Invalid user name or password” message – this is a serious bug for Android and also Verizon.

I’ve tried multiple methods found online (including the “null” password) but none of them were successful which made me quite frustrated and I did not want to perform a factory reset only to erase all of my contacts and installed apps. After trial and error, I believe this is the only solution that works without performing a factory reset.

It seems the problem lies when you have multiple accounts set up on your phone (such as your Facebook/Youtube or Twitter account) and the OS just does not get to your Google account username and password when you type in your Google account information. (note: you may want to try those username and passwords before starting the instructions below)

The solution is to get into your account through a security flaw. This is definitely a critical security flaw as any unauthorized users can access your phone this way.


[Note: This solution works for the Verizon Fascinate Galaxy-S phone. Many other phones are known to work and many others don’t as well.]

1. Completely power off and power on your Galaxy-S phone.

2. Right after you pass the Galaxy-S and just before the Verizon Wireless logo video ends, immediately tap on the home button extremely fast and repeatedly (at least 4-5 times per second). If the Emergency Call button pops up, click that every now and then (3-5 times) but keep tapping on the home button. During this process your phone may flash the password screen or keypad screen just a few times and your phone will seem to be lagging due to the tapping.

3. Keep tapping until you see your Android home buttons stay steady at the bottom. Voila, you’re in your phone! If the emergency keypad constantly shows up or if it shows the Google account screen constantly, you have failed. The success rate can be around 15-50% so keep trying until it works. (You may want to grab a young phone-savvy guy or girl to do it if your fingers are too slow)

4. Find and run the Settings App and go to Accounts & Sync.

5. Under Manage Accounts, remove all accounts except your Google account.

6. Press your power button off and on and enter your correct Google account information.

7. It will ask for a new security pattern. Enter it twice and you are done!

This solution worked for me. If it does for you, please leave a comment with your carrier and phone model to let others know that it worked!


I recommend the tapping method first but if that doesn’t work or you don’t have a home button, here is a different method to try pretty much based on the same concept. (again, will depend on app compatibility and may not work for all phones)

This method uses a free app called Screen Lock Bypass. (thanks to Michele for introducing this, [UPDATE: free version has been pulled off, only paid full version available which may or may not work on your phone. Try METHOD 3 first!]) Please use this at your own risk as I cannot be responsible for any of the results caused from using this app. Basically, you’ll be using this app to bypass the screen lock and delete the other accounts blocking your Google username/password to accept.

1. Go to the Android Market download page on your desktop and install the app. (Yes, you are able to install apps using your desktop instead of your phone) Direct link: (note: You need to login to the Android Market using your Google username and password that you used when you first set up your phone. This is the username and password that “should have” unlocked your phone in the first place.)

2. Select the phone you have (this is why you need to login with the right Google ID) and install the app. Wait about 5 minutes or restart your phone and wait a good amount of time for the app to fully install.

3. On the app instructions, it says to install any other app to trigger the Screen Lock Bypass app. I did not do this but for me, restarting the phone, waiting, soft off and on seemed to trigger it. (may have been triggered by a message though, this is the part where it unexpectedly blanked and disabled my screen for a good while.)

4. If it worked and bypassed the “too many pattern attempts” screen, go to phone Settings and then select Accounts & Sync.

5. Under Manage Accounts, remove all accounts except your Google account. (this should enable your Google username and password)

6. Go to Settings and select Applications, then Manage Applications.

7. Find Screen Lock Bypass and uninstall the app. (this will trigger the “too many pattern attempts” screen immediately)

8. Use your original Google username and password to finally unlock your phone properly.

9. Enter your new security pattern twice to finish!

If Method 2 worked for you, please leave your comments with your phone make and model to let us know!

[Method 3]

This was suggested by commenter Guru and has potential to work with all phones as it was claimed to work with the Galaxy S2.

Pre Condition: You remember the pattern and you remember your Google password and Android account is listed while using instructions below. Data services (Wi-Fi or mobile) should be enabled.

1. Using your computer, log into your Google account. You can verify your correct Google account using the Additional Tip at the bottom of this article.

2. Go to this link directly – OR click your Google e-mail on the top right corner, select Account settings, then hit “Visit the previous version of the Google accounts screen” towards the bottom, click “Authorizing applications & sites ” under your Personal Settings > Security.

3. Under “Connected Sites, Apps & Services – “Revoke Access” of your Google Account with Android. You will see the screen showing “You have successfully revoked access to Full Account Access”
[Alternate for step 3 – If you have already signed up for 2-Step Authorization previously and are able to generate a new application-specific password at the bottom, go ahead and generate a new password and use that password to unlock your device]

4. Enter Gmail login and password on your phone. It will now accept your login details and will show a pattern screen. Enter the “correct” pattern and you can see the home screen.

Again, if this works for you, let us know!

Good Luck!

[Additional Tip]
If you don’t remember your Google username and password, it may be an account that was used during signup and never used afterwards. You can confirm this by logging into your Google Account and going to this page: Select the Settings tab and you should be able to see your phone device. If you do not see your phone listed, it is probably under a different Google ID. If your phone carrier cannot retrieve your Google e-mail used during signup, try this link to possibly retrieve it:

[Note: If these solutions didn’t work for you, the last thing I can recommend is a factory reset which is normally done through a simple button combination that is different for each phone. You should be able to google it or find factory reset instructions from your phone manufacturer or cell phone service provider at no charge.]

[Update] I’ve added instructions on how to factory reset your Galaxy-S phone. Please see


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    1. If your Youtube login name and password doesn’t work on your phone then do this and Enshallah, God willing it works:
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    b: type in your full gmail address into your phone and your password is now your new password. It should work perfectly. 🙂

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    I now receive phone calls on my iphone from Verizon Collections to pay $500.0 to Verizon which says they never received the returned phone in the warehouse, regardless of my producing the FedEx airbill signed for at the Verzon Warehouse in Texas acknowledging receipt of the phone. Yeah Google, Yeah Verizon!! Not…..

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    My samsung galaxy s gt-I9000t is locked and i have tried your way. I have the new version gingerbread and was wondering if it works on that. We have had it come up a few times but then it goes back to the locked pattern. I cannot remember my google account or password. Can you pls help. I have photos and videos on there and do not want to loose them.

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    My samsung galaxy s gt-I9000t is locked and i have tried your way. I have the new version gingerbread and was wondering if it works on that.We have had it come up a few times but then it goes back to the locked pattern. I cannot remember my google account or password. Can you pls help. I do not want to loose my photo’s or videos that are on my phone. They are not on the sd card 🙁

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    When your phone is off, simultaneously press the volume up and down buttons and press the power button at the same time, when an exclamation mark comes up, press the home button”.


  116. SamsungGalaxyS says:

    i finally got in. I tried my a few names that i thought could have been my google account and passwords. Finally with one of the google accounts and password i got in. So i tried this on my samsung galaxy s and it worked.

    I read that some was able to get in through their google account on the the computer and was going to do that but my husband said lets try your mobile first and it workd.

    When putting google account on your phone make sure you put the whole thing even after the @ symbol.

  117. alice says:

    i just want to ask , will it work for samsung galaxy q? my friend tried to unlock my phone hundreds of times and now i cant get into my phone.

  118. j maiti says:

    my phone galaxy note not open …………

  119. mk says:

    hw about samsung galaxy ace :(?

  120. avn.espi says:

    Hi. How can I unlock my samsung galaxy y after too many pattern attempts Please help me.

  121. jordan says:

    i have an optimus 5 phone and its locked up because i forgot my pattern unlock code could someone plzz help me idc if i have to reset the whoole phone..

  122. tonabelle says:

    I have a Verizon motorola Droid Incredible 2 that I am locked out of. I have tried multiple times to enter my gmail name and password with no results. Will this trick unlock my phone? I REALLY don’t want to do a factory reset!!! Please someone help! I looked through all the comments but no one seems to have tried this with the same phone as mine. Thanks!

  123. akimbo says:

    my phone samsung galaxy y is blocked after many wrong attempts…. Plz help

  124. eya says:

    how to unlock screen with my samsung GALAXY Y?

  125. eya says:

    how to unlock screen with my samsung GALAXY Y? any way to unlock it?need help ASAP…

  126. eya says:

    any way to unlock screen of my samsung GALAXY Y?need help ASAP…

  127. kenrhinne says:

    how about the GALAXY Y .. plss help me..

  128. roland says:

    hey!I need help!I couldn’t bypass with your method!my phone is galaxy mini!

  129. denise says:

    i have samsung galaxy mini and i do not have a google accountin my phone. and i have forgotten the paatern i have saved. what should i do??

  130. Kassi says:

    Yaaay! this worked! just takes like 5 minutes but it works

  131. craig says:

    Can I do it on a DROID???

  132. ey j says:

    Hi yes this did work for me. Thank you sooo much.
    I have the Samsung fascinate with Verizon.
    The only thing I tweaked because it was starting to get frustrating was I held my finger on the emergency button and tapped really fast on the home button. My home screen suddenly popped up quicker than I thought.

    Thanks again.

  133. shanky says:

    my phone lava s12 is lock in pattern how to unlock it plzzz..can any one tell ho to unlock it

  134. Michele says:

    Just used the new paid version of Screen Lock Bypass called Screen Lock Bypass Pro. It was $2.00 and it worked flawlessly! No need to reset the phone once you’re in!! I give it 5 stars. You just download it from the android market from your pc and once it installs on your phone, plug in your charger and poof! It takes you to a screen to manage/reset your password. I have an IC2

    • David says:

      The reason your google username/password doesn’t work is because of the other password profiles that seem to be blocking it. If the “free” version of Screen Lock Bypass works, you can use that to go into your phone [instructions from #4 above] and delete your other passwords to make your Google password work! I will test this and see if it works. 😉

      [update: it did with a few glitches. Will update my article with instructions for this. Thanks Michele!]

  135. kirsty says:

    i have entered the wrong pattern on my android phone and it keeps asking me to put in my google information so i do but it wont work i have tried all of the above so please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. nina ali luvZs you says:

    my phone wont unlock to what do i do

  137. ashley brock says:

    hi there i have a samsung galaxy mini gt-s5570 i did my patten to many time and i have now forgot my gmail password i nedd help urgently as my girlfriend is pregent and i cant get in contact with here how do i sort this problem out please get in contact asap thanks ashley brock x

  138. Kathryn says:

    Err hey. Tried it around 10 times but it failed.. I have a Samsung Galaxy Y, all that happens is when I do it and keep tapping it, it comes up with my old lock wallpaper that I had, so I scroll it across so I get to my menu and but the menu goes straight away!! HELP!! PLEASE!! I don’t want to factory reset it:(

  139. wendy pham says:

    Hi,I have an HTC sensation, I try to put in a password for screen lock, I enter too many number, then the next step the phone ask me to confirm it,but I forgot what number I put in, now I’m stuck, I can’t set a password for screen lock. Do you have any idea to remove what number I had entered so I can reset it.Plsease help me. Thank you very much !

  140. Marie says:

    Please help me. Your methods, can i use in my Galaxy Y gt-s5360? Please help meeee

  141. SAMSUNG says:

    Samsung galaxy gt-s5360 work on it?

  142. Natacha says:

    It didn’t work for me… I have a LG Shine Plus and i’ve tried everything. Nothing works. My boyfriend bought that phone from somebody and that person says he doesn’t remember the pattern or the email and password. I REALLY NEED THIS PHONE UNLOCKED 🙁

  143. Vedran Ugrin says:

    Hi ppl pls help me…i want to know did anyone managed to do this on Galaxy 3 GT -i5800??

    im trying this whole day…and cant manage to do it ?!:(

    pls help me …i even tried to do hard reset but it wont go!

    btw.this phone only has three,home(middle),and back?

    david pls help!

  144. Chloe Obrien says:

    where do i message to get my username&password

  145. christine landiza says:

    thank you very much! at last.. i can access my phone.. method 3 works for me… i’m using samsung galaxy y… 🙂

  146. Sylvain says:

    Method 2 worked wonderfully for me when any other method failed.
    I have an Acer Liquid (first gen if I recall corectly)

    Many thanks

  147. Rod says:

    Have tryed all ways to open my samsung galaxy s GT i9000, after to many pattern attempts. Realy need some help, even if its to a factory reset

  148. Dan says:

    option 3 with the 2 step auth worked wonders. Thank you for the tips.

  149. Albert says:

    Method 3 worked!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  150. Jason says:

    third method work for my HTC incredible after my kids locked it and the password for my google account didn’t work. thanks.

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