How to Unlock Android Phone After Too Many Pattern Attempts Without Factory Reset

[Note: Updated with Method #2, #3 and Additional Tip on February 13th, 2012, minor updates January, 2014]

My 4 year old boy loves my Verizon Fascinate and I knew he would screw up my phone in one way or another so I set a pattern lock to my phone. Not surprisingly, my phone was soon locked…. and also bricked! After 20 unsuccessful pattern attempts, the Android OS locks your phone with a “Too many pattern attempts!” message and asks for your Google account name and password. I only had one and I knew the password worked but it did not unlock my phone no matter what, only giving me a “Invalid user name or password” message – this is a serious bug for Android and also Verizon.

I’ve tried multiple methods found online (including the “null” password) but none of them were successful which made me quite frustrated and I did not want to perform a factory reset only to erase all of my contacts and installed apps. After trial and error, I believe this is the only solution that works without performing a factory reset.

It seems the problem lies when you have multiple accounts set up on your phone (such as your Facebook/Youtube or Twitter account) and the OS just does not get to your Google account username and password when you type in your Google account information. (note: you may want to try those username and passwords before starting the instructions below)

The solution is to get into your account through a security flaw. This is definitely a critical security flaw as any unauthorized users can access your phone this way.


[Note: This solution works for the Verizon Fascinate Galaxy-S phone. Many other phones are known to work and many others don’t as well.]

1. Completely power off and power on your Galaxy-S phone.

2. Right after you pass the Galaxy-S and just before the Verizon Wireless logo video ends, immediately tap on the home button extremely fast and repeatedly (at least 4-5 times per second). If the Emergency Call button pops up, click that every now and then (3-5 times) but keep tapping on the home button. During this process your phone may flash the password screen or keypad screen just a few times and your phone will seem to be lagging due to the tapping.

3. Keep tapping until you see your Android home buttons stay steady at the bottom. Voila, you’re in your phone! If the emergency keypad constantly shows up or if it shows the Google account screen constantly, you have failed. The success rate can be around 15-50% so keep trying until it works. (You may want to grab a young phone-savvy guy or girl to do it if your fingers are too slow)

4. Find and run the Settings App and go to Accounts & Sync.

5. Under Manage Accounts, remove all accounts except your Google account.

6. Press your power button off and on and enter your correct Google account information.

7. It will ask for a new security pattern. Enter it twice and you are done!

This solution worked for me. If it does for you, please leave a comment with your carrier and phone model to let others know that it worked!


I recommend the tapping method first but if that doesn’t work or you don’t have a home button, here is a different method to try pretty much based on the same concept. (again, will depend on app compatibility and may not work for all phones)

This method uses a free app called Screen Lock Bypass. (thanks to Michele for introducing this, [UPDATE: free version has been pulled off, only paid full version available which may or may not work on your phone. Try METHOD 3 first!]) Please use this at your own risk as I cannot be responsible for any of the results caused from using this app. Basically, you’ll be using this app to bypass the screen lock and delete the other accounts blocking your Google username/password to accept.

1. Go to the Android Market download page on your desktop and install the app. (Yes, you are able to install apps using your desktop instead of your phone) Direct link: (note: You need to login to the Android Market using your Google username and password that you used when you first set up your phone. This is the username and password that “should have” unlocked your phone in the first place.)

2. Select the phone you have (this is why you need to login with the right Google ID) and install the app. Wait about 5 minutes or restart your phone and wait a good amount of time for the app to fully install.

3. On the app instructions, it says to install any other app to trigger the Screen Lock Bypass app. I did not do this but for me, restarting the phone, waiting, soft off and on seemed to trigger it. (may have been triggered by a message though, this is the part where it unexpectedly blanked and disabled my screen for a good while.)

4. If it worked and bypassed the “too many pattern attempts” screen, go to phone Settings and then select Accounts & Sync.

5. Under Manage Accounts, remove all accounts except your Google account. (this should enable your Google username and password)

6. Go to Settings and select Applications, then Manage Applications.

7. Find Screen Lock Bypass and uninstall the app. (this will trigger the “too many pattern attempts” screen immediately)

8. Use your original Google username and password to finally unlock your phone properly.

9. Enter your new security pattern twice to finish!

If Method 2 worked for you, please leave your comments with your phone make and model to let us know!

[Method 3]

This was suggested by commenter Guru and has potential to work with all phones as it was claimed to work with the Galaxy S2.

Pre Condition: You remember the pattern and you remember your Google password and Android account is listed while using instructions below. Data services (Wi-Fi or mobile) should be enabled.

1. Using your computer, log into your Google account. You can verify your correct Google account using the Additional Tip at the bottom of this article.

2. Go to this link directly – OR click your Google e-mail on the top right corner, select Account settings, then hit “Visit the previous version of the Google accounts screen” towards the bottom, click “Authorizing applications & sites ” under your Personal Settings > Security.

3. Under “Connected Sites, Apps & Services – “Revoke Access” of your Google Account with Android. You will see the screen showing “You have successfully revoked access to Full Account Access”
[Alternate for step 3 – If you have already signed up for 2-Step Authorization previously and are able to generate a new application-specific password at the bottom, go ahead and generate a new password and use that password to unlock your device]

4. Enter Gmail login and password on your phone. It will now accept your login details and will show a pattern screen. Enter the “correct” pattern and you can see the home screen.

Again, if this works for you, let us know!

Good Luck!

[Additional Tip]
If you don’t remember your Google username and password, it may be an account that was used during signup and never used afterwards. You can confirm this by logging into your Google Account and going to this page: Select the Settings tab and you should be able to see your phone device. If you do not see your phone listed, it is probably under a different Google ID. If your phone carrier cannot retrieve your Google e-mail used during signup, try this link to possibly retrieve it:

[Note: If these solutions didn’t work for you, the last thing I can recommend is a factory reset which is normally done through a simple button combination that is different for each phone. You should be able to google it or find factory reset instructions from your phone manufacturer or cell phone service provider at no charge.]

[Update] I’ve added instructions on how to factory reset your Galaxy-S phone. Please see


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  1. Ahmed says:

    I luv you!
    Worked perfectly after only around 100 tries.

    • patrick says:

      plz… help me my phone is lock i cant use i realy need my phone back my mother will kill me me if i will not fix it…..plz help me my phone is galaxy 5 im from phillipines ….. plz….:) i dont cre if i need to reset it but i need my phone to be fix……

      • Susanna says:

        When your phone is off, simultaneously press the volume up and down buttons and press the power button at the same time, when an exclamation mark comes up, press the home button 🙂 x

      • yendri says:

        hey guy you are really the best…. It did work so I don´t have to pay any money to unlock it thanks …. a lot 😀

      • zuly says:

        I had the same problem. I tried all of the above but nothing worked.. i went on the pc and changed my googlemail password as i had forgotten it as well. Once i changed my password i tried to log in on my phone but this did not work. Then someone had wrote to turn the internet connection on. Once i connected to the internet and tried to log on.. WAH LAH! it logged on and allowed me to change my pattern!

      • Lydia says:

        To get round this you can use a hard reset which is done as follows :

        Turn the phone on, Hold the volume up, search and home buttons for 5 seconds.

        WARNING! : This will erase all data from the phone.

      • Busi says:

        Please help me unlock my pattern and gmail account

      • bryaneisha says:

        i tried to do that it didnt work i have an lg fone n just got it friday n just locked it today plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

      • Kevin says:

        hard reset is the most effective and “last resort” solution. did it on my galaxy mini. turn off cellphone. turn on and press home button at the same time. options will be shown after 10 seconds of pressing. then choose what to do. after that, reboot your mocile. wah lah! your good to go. =)

      • john says:

        it is a vidieo that tell u how to unlock ur phone any kind so just go to youtube and go to the search bar and type how to unlock andriod phones and then click enter and a vidieo should pop up and u click on one of them and do eat the person do that is how i unlock my phone

      • zuhaib says:

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      • hanton says:

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      • plz it’s not working and i really need my phone what should i do help ne plz i don’t care if i have to reset it or format it but i need it plzzzzzzzzz help

      • d p aggarwal says:

        another way is.

        Call to the no. from another no.
        that time u can on or off wifi/ bluetooth screen.

        on wifi again and verify the password.

      • ezrom says:

        i want my phone to be fixed

      • josh says:

        it does not work for my samsung verizon

      • samah says:

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        i forget my phone and showing emil id and password friend what am i do?

    • aashik says:

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      thank u so much

    • kayla says:

      thank u so much my phone company couldnt even help me unlock my phone you are awsome worked first try,

    • davina says:

      can you do that if your phone is off please help me!

    • chloe says:

      does this work for a samsung gem? if not does anyone know how to unlock it? ive tried this method and my home screen pops up and locks again it doesnt stay up long enough to press anything?? please help

    • CESILLE says:

      Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. Method #2 worked to my phone,i really appreciate it.God bless your heart. :-). Keep it up.

    • jackson says:

      it works on my ”LGP970” PHONE I tried it from 8am to 12pm and nothing happen, i was very tired and sick of it… i came on this website again and i read the instruction again, after reading i turned off my phone and then turn it on back, i pressed the home bottom many times and it didn’t work.
      so i gave it a try again and it didn’t work, i was so pissed. i gave it a last try and i didn’t know what bottom i pressed, before i made up my mind i saw my phone opened, i was very happy and i quickly went to the setting and i change my pass work. i was very surprise to see my phone open again.. if ur phone is lock i guess u should keep trying and no matter how much times it takes u to do it, just try your possible best.

    • Sean Civeen says:

      Method 3 worked for my galaxy s2. I tried the other two with no success.Thanks for the info.

    • tiondra says:

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THAK YOU, I was about ready to cry and give up. My 3 year old locked my phone and after spending hours on the internet trying everything and I do mean everything (the null as the password, resetting my gmail account using my pc, pressing the up and down volume button, pressing the home screen and emergency call button) NOTHING WORKED but the method three. It was so simple too I was unlocked in 1 minute , thanks again 🙂

    • Agnes says:

      can who explain how to use the method 3?PLEaseeeee….my phone (samsung y )is locked !!!

      • Tyron says:

        While phone off press en hold, Volume Up Key + Middle key + Power ON key.
        A menu will appear, with 5-6 options.
        Go to Reset/wipe factory data, and press Middle Key.
        Then Go to Yes and press Middle Key.
        Then Go on Reboot option, and You are done 🙂 note: remove ur sim en sd card not to loose all ur data bt only phone data.

      • rosh says:

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      OMG~~why i cannot access three of the method…who can help me ??
      i am using samsung y..

      • Roshan says:

        While phone off press en hold, Volume Up Key + Middle key + Power ON key.
        A menu will appear, with 5-6 options.
        Go to Reset/wipe factory data, and press Middle Key.
        Then Go to Yes and press Middle Key.
        Then Go on Reboot option, and You are done 🙂 note: remove ur sim en sd card not to loose all ur data bt only phone data.
        *as per said by Mr. TYRON…..ITS WORK DUDE

      • savad says:

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        I tried n It really works 🙂 Thanx a lot!!!!!!

      • sapekshya says:

        BUT it just didnt work with my phone..
        It says smth like
        RAMDUMP Mode (ARM9 mode)
        what should I do now?

    • nely says:

      my fone was locked after my friend tried to unlock it using diffrent patters untill he had to put in the google account. i could not remember my acounts email so i was getting mad untilll read this but none of the methods worked untill read the comments nd i tried turning my phone of pushing volume up, home nd search nd it worked..! Thanks You Guys c:

    • Meenakshi says:

      Plze help me….my phne is unlock and phne is showin me…too many patterns attempts…i hve try many time…and i entered user name and password..but phne didnt unlock…my phne model is ‘MICROMAX’ A 45…wat can i do..plze help me its urgent…

    • chalmagyi says:

      Praying for your phone to work is just as effective as pressing the home key repeatedly. IF YOU REALLY WANT YOUR PHONE TO WORK POWER ON WHILE HOLDING VOLUME UP AND THE MENU BUTTON SIMULTANEOUSLY. Select restore factory presets. It will not delete your sim card info in case u were wondering

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    • steven says:

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      none of them is working on my samsung galaxy Ace GT S5830. What to do now?

      • sapekshya says:

        hey same thing.i cant unlock it
        it says smth like
        ramdump mode (arm9 mode)
        i use samsung galaxy Ace GT S5830..
        my mom is gonna kill me if she will find out!!..what do i do now?

    • Bogdan says:

      Where i need to put the generated password? who can make to me a short tutorial with where to put that?

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    • samantha says:

      what about the samsumg galaxy young help and i hate my brother

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    • kumar says:

      I tried 2hours and finally cracked it …………
      Thanks for the ultratechy@team.

    • Liesbeth says:

      hoe kun je je google acount terug vinden van huawei?

    • babyb says:

      like its so tru after a 1000 try

    • ben says:

      did not work

  2. Admin says:

    Well, at least you got in… still better than erasing all your data and apps, right? 😀
    Please leave your phone model and carrier.. 😉 Oh, and 100 times is probably a joke.. I kept on experimenting with this and I’ve done it 30-40 times at most. Don’t try 100 times. If it doesn’t work for the first 5-10 times, try to get somebody with fast fingers to try it. (note: still there is no guarantee this will work 100% on your phone)

    • richard says:

      my friend same problem in adroid htc hd, please help me how to unlock it. thanks in advance

    • Guru Singh says:

      First Thanks for every one for helping each other by sharing successful solutions. I also faced the “loo many patterns” problem when my daughter decided to open my phone herself. Anyway, I was adamant to not to factory reset and the faster clicking home button solution before the mobile operator (Three , UK) logo didn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy s2. After spending couple of hours searching on the web and just before giving up, this is what I did and IT worked.
      Pre Condition = You remember the pattern and you remember you gmail password
      step 1 :
      i.e. cleared the captcha
      Steph 2 : log into the google account
      Go into >> Account Overview >> “edit” Authorising application & sites>>
      Under “connected Sites, apps & services – “Revoke Access” of your google account with android.
      You will see the screen showing “You have successfully revoked access to Full Account Access”
      Steph 3 : enter gmail login and password on your phone
      It will now accept your login details and will show a pattern screen.
      Enter the “correct” pattern AND you can see the home screen
      Go to settings and remove the pattern (to be on safe side) (it will ask you to draw the old pattern again.
      Its seems to me a new solution which i couldn’t find anywhere else on google so thought I shall post it.
      Good luck with your efforts.

      • Sham H says:

        This worked for me – thank you so much – was terrified I’d lost all my data as hadn’t backed up any of my contacts or pictures – but this method saved me!

        Google was playing it safe and even though I entered the right details it still wouldn’t acknowledge it but the unlockCaptch link above worked.

      • bilal says:

        hey can u plz guide me iam having galaxy ace and my phone is locked now it is asking for gmail adress and iam also not connected wit wifi so plz can u tell me how to connect with wifi if mobile is locked

      • bob needs help says:

        GUYS!!! my Samsung galaxy s2 has been blocked because my kids have been putting in the wrong pattern key. So I ask if you have a solution, would be an incredible help because it’s been blocked for just under a week.
        thanks much guys. <3

      • barrani lotfi says:

        : so much ,it did really work for me .Thanks again.

      • oomsy says:

        Can you help – in the process you describe…does it need the Android Market using your Google username and password that you used when you first set up your phone or the one I can remember (but doesn;t work when I put it into the screen where it asks for username and passowrd.)

        Please help me out.

      • Odessa says:

        I have an android tablet and somehow i got locked out of it..i have been putting my email username and password and it keeps saying incorrect…what to do please someone i need help bad

      • Sanjay Sharma says:

        I could not do any of these methods. Guru’s method has been detailed properly by him in comments than in the original blog. Anyway, I got a message that there are no third party access to my gmail. Also my phone is offline, so I think it is toughest with that to get a crack. Unfortunately all my business commitments are saved on my phone without which I will be in super mess now!!

    • Isabel Zavala says:

      I have the HTC Desire from Vodaphone and I found out the reason you can’t unlock is because you can’t access the internet. What I did was hit home continually after I powered on when it came to the part that had the where you had to put your google accout i Hit the emergancy while I was hitting the home button and it sent me to my phone so I could go to settings. I turned on my WIFI and then enter my google account On the drop down menu(no the start screen) and because the wifi is on it worked. Then I went back to the other screen that said i needed to enter it to unlock it. I had to put in my password two times before it took it but it did unlock. Remeber to leave your Wifi on to it can check for the password. It is unlocked and my hubby is happy.

    • felisha says:

      My son bought a samsung galaxy prevail yesterday while out with his dad. His phone is now locked due to too many pattern attempts and neither him or his dad have any idea what the username or password is. Any clue on how to unlock this device?

      • Brandon says:

        I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and its know locked due to many pattern attempts and i dont remember what my username or password is.Any clue how to help me unlock this device Plzzzz?

    • Darren says:

      I got Samsung gt i5503t , I can’t go on my computer for the login as i bought this phone second hand and now I got it locked , please help, can you send me instructions to my emails

    • savana says:

      How do I unlock my samsung gravity smartphone when the gmail login screen comes up?? PLEASE help its been locked for sooooo long

    • irene says:

      I tried but there is no restore bottom appears in my phone .. please help me .. I am using spark tv model cherry mobile

    • charlesian says:

      cloudefone model ICE401e

  3. NyNe says:

    Thank you so much!!!! This fixed my Samsung Mesmerize Galaxy S phone on US Cellular!!! You saved my life man!!! Thanx again…

  4. ilia says:

    Worked on galaxy s @ att !!

  5. Ahmed says:

    galaxy s @ att also lol

  6. Admin says:

    Nice!… only on Galaxy-S though? I imagine it would work on any other Android phone or carrier. Other phones, please let us know!

    • katy says:

      what about vodaphone smart phones???

      • Isabel Zavala says:

        When you See where you have to enter your Googlemail Continually hit home button and hit the Emergancy dailer It should go to a black screen then send you to your phone. The phone is still locked but you can go to your settings and turn the wifi on and link up to the internet. On the drop down screen go to your google mail account and enter your password.It should sign you in. You may have to do it a couple of times. Once you are signed in to your account then Put your phone to rest then try to open it back up you should come to the page that askes you to enter your googlemail. As long as you have your WIFI still on you should be able to enter your email and password and unlock it but it may take a couple of trys for it to work. Mine took two times to unlock. I have HTC Desire from Vodafone.

    • Sana says:

      Plz help me out…! When I go to the Account Settings Page, I can’t find “Visit the previous version of the Google accounts screen” towards the bottom, click “Authorizing applications & sites ” Personal Settings > Security.” I cannot find any of this…??!!!When I have reached “Connected Sites, Apps & Service” the ‘Revoke Access’ tab isn’t there…Dats the last step and can’t do it. I really wanna know why…!

  7. angry phone operator ha says:

    I dont think it works on the samsung galaxy s i9000, but who knows i’ll keep trying it,

  8. Reece says:

    Hi, I have an xperia x10 can you tell me how to do it on my phone?

  9. Admin says:

    If your phone doesn’t start with a logo screen, I would start tapping the home button as soon as you turn it on. Make sure you hit the Emergency Button several times while tapping.

  10. Joubin says:

    That was great help! It worked well on my Galaxy S i9000 Europe (Netherlands).

    And even after the emergency call keypad shows up, you can just keep trying. So you can actually start tapping the home key whenever you want.

    Deleted the extra accounts except the gmail and after a reset, my google account was accepted.

  11. Julie says:

    Well done to you giving people hope that they won’t have to pay $40 to have their phone unlocked. I have a galaxy s i9000 and my daughter put too many pattern tries in and the phone is locked. I followed all of your instructions withno success. I have been quoted $180 to have the stinkin thing unlocked. Have you any new info on how to unlock this very exspensive paper weight?
    Julie from Sydney Australia.

  12. Admin says:

    Sorry to hear about that… if I knew a better way to solve this, I would definitely put that up here. If the method I explained here didn’t work for you and you were told you would have to pay $40-$180 to “unlock” your phone, don’t do that. The “unlock” they claim is a factory reset, which can be done easier than the method I wrote, for free.

    The point of my article is to avoid the factory reset, which erases all of your contacts and apps installed on your phone. If you want to, I can search for a method to do this. However, this WILL erase your phone clean to its factory state. If you have no choice but to pay for your phone to factory reset it, I can look for a solution.

    One thing I would like to check is, how fast have you tapped on the home button? And when did you start tapping? From my trials, it has to be very fast… that’s why I recommended a young person, preferably good with tapping games, to perform it. Also, you may want to start tapping before the logo animation ends. You might also want to tap on the Emergency Call button every now and then a bit more than 3-5 times in between.

    If it still doesn’t work for you let me know. I’m sure I can find a way to factory reset it yourself.

    • alex says:

      i am using a samsung galaxy brother is used to screw up my phone so i locked it with a difficult pattern, but he tried many wrong patterns and now it ask’s for my username and password.i remember my username but forgot my password.please help me to unlock it or to reset it

    • SamsungGalaxyS says:


      My samsung galaxy s gt-I9000t is locked and i have tried your way. I have the new version gingerbread and was wondering if it works on that.We have had it come up a few times but then it goes back to the locked pattern. I cannot remember my google account or password. Can you pls help,

      Thanks in advance.

    • samsung galaxy eurpoa says:

      how do i take my samsung galaxy europa back to factory settings as nothing else works

    • jjj says:

      i have htchd2 and i install android. and i sync my gmail accoun and i forgot the account. and my phone is locked.. what should i do? pleas help me..

    • gertjan says:

      het werkt niet.

    • i am using a samsung galaxy brother is used to screw up my phone so i locked it with a difficult pattern, but he tried many wrong patterns and now it ask’s for my username and password.i remember the username and the passworg but its is still not working … please help me to unlock it !

    • Alicia B says:

      Do you have any info on the Huawei phones, my son set that pattern lock ON MY PHONE : ( and shocking he has LOCKED ME OUT! This was my dads phone and passed away suddenly dec 2nd so I do not have any of his email information to go to gmail and unlock the phone and I am single mom of 2 and cannot afford to either. PLEASE HELP TY -Desperate mom in need

    • sandeep says:

      none of the idea is working pls tell me how to do factory reset. i am using micromax canvas2 A110

  13. Tom says:

    Worked first try on Samsung Fascinate! Thank You!

  14. Fabian says:

    Hey man, i tried this but it doesn’t work for me… also, i already factory reset my phone (samsung galaxy si9000) and it stíll hasn’t been fixed.
    I still get the cursed usernam/password thing which obviously doesn’t work, you have any tips?

  15. Ias Naibaho says:

    it works for me.. thx a bunch! I use Samsung Galaxy S i9000, though n I leave in Indonesia.. 😀

    It works for me, try it again, u’ll amaze how this thing can work 😀

    • alongrunge says:

      Aloo…sy dr Malaysia… bagaimana mau reset / unlock… beberapa kali mencuba tapi masih belum ketemui jalan penyelesaiannya… mampukah ianya bisa berkesan walaupun samsung kita tidak memaparkan Verizon Wireless seperti dalam video tersebut….

  16. Samsung says:

    im a teenager nd my mates stupidly locked my phone :/
    ive tried this but all that comes up is the emergency bit ??????? but the home screeen keeps popping up but it doesnt stay on it :S ( Samsung GALAXY S ) can u help asap before i have to pay to much for this :SSS plz x

  17. DROID LOCK HATER says:


  18. DROID LOCK HATER says:


  19. Chris UK says:

    Thank you so much! I foolishly had info on my phone that i hadnt kept a copy of elsewhere.
    It took me 5 attempts but it eventually worked on my galaxy S

  20. G West says:

    Still trying with me Galaxy S i9000t

  21. uriko says:

    this doesnt work on a samsung galaxy 5 (europa)

    is there anything else i can do to unlock it?

  22. Mike says:

    Here’s how I unlocked my Samsung/Sprint Galaxy S/Epic 4G that had stopped accepting the *correct* unlock pattern before reaching this point:

    Call my phone from Google Voice.
    Press Menu, then Contacts.
    Press Menu, then Accounts.
    Delete all accounts.
    Try to create a new Google account with the same credentials (it failed in my case).
    Try to delete the original Google account (the phone won’t let you).
    Re-enter the username and password in the unlock screen.

    • kiki says:

      thanks mike i appreciate it….i tried this too and it didn’t work what so ever….it do however seems like a nice idea…i have the samsung sprint epic….so it worked perfectly within the first try…thanx 🙂

    • kiki says:

      let me make more since….i tried the website one first and that didn’t work but when i seen your post i tried what you suggested and it worked wonders…sorry if it didn’t make since on the one i just wrote…but yeah thanx… 🙂

  23. Lori Karuza says:

    Oh I have been trying for weeks to get my phone back up and running. I even called Samsung and they suggested I send it in to have a flash done on it! Was going to loose EVERYTHING!! Then I came across this and IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!

  24. Admin says:

    Is there anyone who wants to know how to factory reset it?

    Probably not? 🙂

    • Brandon R says:

      Yes, actually I would.
      My sister gave me her previously used TMobile MyTouch slider. Her daughter got ahold of it and locked it up with the pattern lock. She never could figuer out how to unlock it, so shw went ahead and upgraded. I now want to unlock/hard reset it so that I can sell it, since I currently am a Sprint user, and have no kind of way to use it.
      Thanks for any help.

    • soro says:

      i am having problems with my xperia(norway) phone it will not respond to any of this pages or anything i just get up the call emergency button :/ what do i do?

    • rob2isking says:

      Ihave an Samsung epic 4g. How do you factory reset without email or password?

    • sandeep says:

      i want to know.. as i am not able to do the factory reset

  25. Gloria says:

    I just ran into this problem yesterday, and tried this tactic out then as well. I combined the tips here with some on a Youtube video, and I now have full access to my phone. Samsung Captivate.

    Thanks so much!

  26. MZPERKINS says:


  27. Jamisicus6 says:

    AAARRRGGGHHH! Unlocked a Samsung Galaxy GT-15500 with this method (got past the password protection), was in the process of changing the account information and the stupid thing auto locked on a timer. I was touching it every 2-3 seconds putting in information and clicking buttons.

    The method works, but its not easy to do. Phones will often go into safe mode by pressing the home button repeatedly during boot up, which is a problem I’ve been having a lot.

    • brigitte says:

      did it wok …i got a gt-15500 and it lock , don’t remember the user or password can you help me pleasseeee

      • brigitte says:

        i’ve got it ,,,,press the volume down and the talk button at the same time for 5 sec ,,,keep those button press and then press the end button ,,,then you go in all user ,,,yes clear ,,, you will lose all you setting but you wont have the gmail user and password

  28. Anon says:

    Worked perfectly on second try. Right before the Verizon logo disappears start hitting the Home key repeatedly. I tapped the Emergency Call button once while still hitting the Home key. The Android buttons flashed acrossed once, just kept hitting the Home button. Screen went black for a while, kept hitting the Home button, Viola in my phone. +1 to you Admin for this.

  29. Kirk says:

    Just used this last night, after my daughter locked my phone. I tried a lot of other methods I found online, but the Home button during start-up did the trick easily. The most confusing part is setting the new password on my Google account. It acted weird a few times until it finally synced with the new password. Thanks for the help.

    Samsung Captivate on AT&T running Android 2.1

    Note: it did seem to slow down my handset, even after a few reboots. All seems fine now.

  30. culwatrnca says:

    This worked perfectly for my girlfriends Samsung Fascinate. Got in on the 2nd try. I was really surprised that the verizon store was not aware of this. They were ready to do a system reset and wipe her hard drive clean to the day she bought it.

  31. Jack says:

    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 in Victoria, Australia on Virgin Mobile and I can’t get anything to work! Please help! I don’t care if I have to factory reset it, but I can’t start the phone in recovery with the 3 button start… I’ve never been able to sync my phone with a google account either. I’ve tried the home button tapping, but my phone is different to the one in the video, mine only has 2 touch buttons and an actual home button at the bottom of the phone. I also don’t have verizon (whatever that is :s)

    Any suggestions? My ‘friend’ tried to unlock it while I was playing sport last week and I really need my phone back…

  32. octavia says:

    What if it didnt work i really need help!

    • kash says:

      Yaar just switch off your phone and after completely switching it off press volume down+middle key and hold them with power key wait till 3-5 seconds a short tab appears then scroll down with the volume keys and select it with the power key or home key if you have four keys then select it with options key click on factory swipe enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Chloe says:

    I really need help!

    My idiotic little brother tried putting in my pattern lock too many times and as a result, I’m locked out.
    It’s asking for my gmail….I can’t remember it….
    My phone is a LG Android. I have to sweep across the screen to unlock it.
    Please please please help. I’m lost without my phone!

  34. Tania says:

    It didnt work. It almost work but It went back to the same old thing!

  35. Tania says:

    oh and I have T-moble

  36. zack says:

    does this work on huawei phone???

  37. nick says:

    You are a life saver! My locked pattern got messed up by some fool. After HOURS of searching your method worked perfectly first try.

  38. dave says:

    Thank you soooo much for this. It worked on my wifes Verizon Samsung Fascinate. I can’t believe this bug has gone unfixed for so long. There are tons of posts on the internet regarding this problem on all of the carriers’ SGSs.

  39. Jayde Cross says:

    You are a lifesaver! However, I didn’t read through ALL the comments…but! There’s a slightly easier way in. It worked on my Samsung Intercept on Virgin. Just get someone to call you. Answer the call and then tap the home button while in the call. Once you see your home screen, you’re good. You can use your phone without all the tapping.

    (David’s note: this may work for some phones. I have confirmed it does not work on the Fascinate)

  40. Vincent says:

    After several tries, the video worked like a charm. Thaaaank you sooo much!

  41. Latifah says:

    Thank you soooo much… You saved me from spending $80 to unlock my phone. And it worked in 3 tries for me. My phone is a Lg GW620. Thank you soooo much again I am very greatful!! Oh plus am from the caribbean so our carriers wouldn’t be the same

  42. David says:

    Finally a confirmation from a non-Samsung phone! (btw, my name is David)…. For some phones, it may be better to tap both the home button and emergency call button all at the same time.

    You not only saved 80 bucks, but you still have all your contacts and apps as they are. Congrats!

  43. tomo says:

    i tried this over 50 times and no success so i have to factory reset my phone does anyone know how to it’s a samsung galaxy europa GT-i5500? thanks

    • thaisa says:

      tomo, have you find the hard reset for gt 15500? because what they say at internet (volume up/down and power at the same time) won’t work for me. i hope you can help me out.

  44. lauren says:

    the heck the song in the backround hahaha
    singing lessons NEEDED! :L

  45. Doser says:

    Solution for: Mesmerize Galaxy S

    I have an Mesmerize Galaxy S phone and my service provider is Verizon.

    I tried the steps you mentioned numerous times but it did not work.

    After reading through some of the comments I noticed another person recommended having someone call your phone and then after you answer hit the home button.

    This worked for me, once I did that I was able to go into my accounts and delete the rest and access my phone regularly again.

  46. wayne says:

    how do a reset factory settings while its locked??

  47. wayne says:

    OMG took me time but i logged in to google mail on my laptop. then entered the e-mail address in at the top right hand corner and my password in to my phone and it worked…

  48. Karen says:

    Jack from Victoria who had the Samsung Galaxy GI 9000 from Virgin did you get it unlocked. I have tried about 40 times but no luck. I am in Queensland and have same phone from same provider.

  49. Karen says:

    I can get the home screen page to come up but only briefly, it won’t lock in – any hints as to how to make it stay?

  50. charms says:

    WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!!! took a few tries but just follow the video and timing. keep at the Home button and you’ll get it!!!!! NICE! Thanks a million!

  51. Rose Atwater says:

    It worked for me on about the 10th try!! Yay!! I have a Samsung Galaxy S Showcase with Cellular South. Thanks SO much!!

  52. Jack N says:

    I’VE DONE IT FOR THE –LG INTOUCH MAX– just keep tapping home when the andriod sign pops up and follow the instructions… Thanks ultratechy!

  53. Mike says:

    I typed the word “null” instead of my password and it worked on my LG intough max!!!

    I typed my google email into the first box and null into the password box.

    I’ll get rid of Android because of this issue, if google cant even get a simple lock pattern to work, what other problems might exist.

  54. IHATEGMAIL says:

    worked fine on my HTC magic(mytouch) G2 on the 2nd try.
    to make it work easier on this particular model, do exactly what the videos and instructions tell you, but once the emergency keypad pops up, keep spamming home, and press back whilst spamming home. works 100% that way

  55. Randy says:

    Your solution worked beautifully on my first attempt. Thank you so much for saving me from having to do a factory reset. Samsung Galaxy S Showcase from Cellular South.

  56. nitz says:

    I really need help!

    My toddler put patterns in too many times and as a result, I’m locked out.
    It’s asking for my gmail….I can’t remember it….
    My phone is a LG Android. I have to sweep across the screen to unlock it.
    Please help

  57. ryan says:

    att galaxy s. Press both emergency call like you drumming as fast as you can

  58. i have an htc wildfire and its locked up how do i unlock it

  59. Alma Kyle says:

    I have a behold ii (samsung) through tmobile. Each time I got through the process of clicking on the home and then adding the emerency dial, it actually takes me to the emer dail screen. Any suggestions? I sooooo do not want to rest to factory settings. Any help is appreciated.

  60. Visshal says:

    Hey! I have dell xcd35. The above solution you had is not working on my phone. please give me me reply for another solution.

    • reshma says:

      Hi, even i have dell xcd 35 and m not able to open using above methods, did u unlock ur phone?
      plz let me knw how u did or other solns soon…

  61. Brandon says:

    I have to say thanks for helping me unlock my phone. I have a Samsung Captivate SGH i897 Galaxy S 2.2 OS. It pretty much worked on the second try as long as you can tap the home button quick enough along with tapping the emergency call button every other second, you can get it to work. Just don’t stop until you get to a your complete home screen. If you get the dial pad coming, turn of the phone and try again until you get it. But if you don’t have a valid gmail account to use, before hand, just create a new one to use. Sync the new one into the phone, and just unsync the other accounts in the phone to make sure it works if you can’t delete them form your phone. Turn of your phone, enter your new gmail account info, and there you go.

    If I could, I would give you big hug right now. No Homo.

  62. mandy says:

    I really thought it wasn’t going to work but then it did!! You’re better then sliced bread! I have the galaxy s (samsung continuum) through verizon.

  63. Karen says:

    Your solution worked on the first try. My 16 year old locked up my 18 year old’s phone becasue he wanted to play Angry Birds. He thought he knew the security pattern – not so. But did he stop trying after a couple attempts? He did not. We had a Civil War brewing. Thanks very, very much. We were rapidly approaching a factory reset and a family melt down. Samsung Fascinate SCH-I500, Verizon.

  64. Kellie says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It worked for my Samsung Galaxy Showcase with Cellular South (we have the ‘sweep glass to unlock’ so I was worried it wouldn’t work) I started hitting the home key as soon as the phone started coming up and then when it started showing me the key for emergency phone call I started hitting both keys at the same time as fast as I could, just as I started to think it wasn’t going to work because I had been doing it for so long……Home Screen popped up!!!! Thanks again, you saved me! I recommend everyone syncing your google accounts contact list with your phone so if anything drastic ever happens you will at least have your contacts, they have added this recently to your google mail under the contacts icon. Also, before I tried this I pulled out my sd card and copied all of my pictures to my computer so I wouldn’t loose them! No problems there, so make sure you have your phones settings where you are saving the pictures/video taken/saved to your sd card and not your internal memory.

  65. David says:

    Congrats Karen and Kellie! Never knew this solution would prevent family meltdowns, but glad it worked!

    Kellie’s method of tapping the home button from start and even both the home and emergency button at the same time is highly recommended!

  66. Susan says:

    heyy it really worked for me honestly personally …thnk yeww =)
    i unlocked it and i went straight to the phone settings because if u let it go on screen saver (black screen it will ask u for the passwork and gmail again) so im locked out again i wanted to ask u if might know how to properly set the settings i probly have to go near a wifi place andcreate one
    but if u know anything plz replyreplyreplyreplyreply =)

  67. David says:

    @Susan: It’s in the above instructions: you need to erase all accounts except your Google one.

    4. Find and run the Settings App and go to Accounts & Sync.

    5. Under Manage Accounts, remove all accounts except your Google account.

    6. Press your power button off and on and enter your correct Google account information.

    7. It will ask for a new security pattern. Enter it twice and you are done!

  68. Susan says:

    thank yew very much i got it under my controll now =) once again ! !

  69. Smiler1701 says:

    Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 T-Mobile(UK)

    This worked for me!! I had resigned myself to the hard reset and then found this! A few things I found:
    The rapid button pressing of the home key/emergency key works EVERY time if you do it right and you can also couple this with the ‘back key’. Just keep pressing like mad!!
    I had a T-mobile back up account that I could not remove from accounts and sync but removed everything else.
    If you have tried this a couple of times, you may not have internet connection, in this case, after step 3 turn your Wi-fi on!
    Also if you have tried other options found on the net you might have reset your gmail account password, if you have, when you get to step 5, sync your gmail/googlemail account first.
    Thank you so much for this!

    • Hi ived read all this intruction how to reset the screen lock when its asking for a email adress and password after tryin to unlock with screen pattern failure.?
      Ok here is my problem.
      I bought a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 for my wife very cheap from Ebay and i tough it wza sgoping to be a easy task to reopen it just by reinstalling the Android systen,(rebooting) like you can do on a locked laptop?
      So I did and manage to isntall the Gingerbred 2,3,1 system but still the phone its locked aand requires email, and password to unlock it.
      next step I did was to reboot systen by pressing vol.up+ homebutton + on/off button,,but got same result ..screen is still locked,!
      OK tryed again to re.install system again but now Samsung KIES program cant find the UBS or phone connection so I cant connect phone to doi it??
      Next step i did is , like some of you mentioned to restat phone by tapping repetely on home button qwhe phone is staring up..? but same again still locket..even tryed 10 times doing this and with theb risk of damaging the home button so i have to stop trying this method..!
      It look that im forced to get to nearest Samsung service shop to ask the restart the phone and open it..this migh cost me some money,, but now im sick of trying everything without result.
      PLEASE..if anybody knows more anopther option to try tell me Ill be most greatful.

  70. Misty says:

    Thanks so much for this. It really works. I let my little one play with my phone(Finger painting app) and she locked me out. I forgot my gmail account info. I keep trying the instructions and it worked. Thanks so much. I hope whoever reads this doesn’t lose hope, just keep trying. God Bless.

  71. Kayla says:

    It wont work for me i would like to know how to factory reset my phone i have not had it long so whatever i lose is really not a big deal as long as the phone is working!!!

  72. David says:

    This solution will work for some phones only. It won’t work on every phone. If you need to factory reset your phone, I’ve only wrote an article for the Samsung Fascinate. For other phones, google it and I’m sure you’ll find the right solution.

  73. Thi says:

    Admin, thankssss!

    I tried, but what I did was just pressing and holding the home button in a very slow motion, about 2 sec each holding. However, try to control so that there is the least gap before the next pressing. I didn’t even hit the emergency button. BINGO!!!! The home screen appeared!!

    But my luck stopped there, no response when I touched any of the icons in the home page 🙁 🙁 🙁 ANY IDEA????

    I am really desperate now, hv been so obsessed to unlock the screen, I have so many info that I can’t afford to lose 🙁 🙁

  74. lauralee :-) says:

    What do I do if I already wiped my phone?!

  75. David says:

    Lauralee, assuming you have performed a factory reset and have not been able to access your phone, I think you should take it to your phone carrier to have it unlocked.

  76. Lawanda Barton says:

    I can’t believe it!!!! It worked… Thx u so much! God Bless.

  77. Thi says:

    Hi ALL!!!

    Good news!! I was left with no choice after endless hopes, tries, & sleepless nights….so I decided to do the factory setting (by myself, by pressing the on/off button, home button, and the down vol all together when the phone is off).

    After that, it looked as if nothing happened. So, I thought I really needed to bring the phone to the service center, to my surprise, the phone worked again after I received an incoming call!!

    The best part is I didn’t even lose any pics and vdos that I had been so attached to!! The reason is because there are 2 parts of the PHONE memories, 1 is the INTERNAL sd card (not to be confused with the removable external media card), the other is the internal phone memory. 90% of my data was stored in the internal sd card for some reason. Guess is set by default that way.

    So, what I lost was just the calendar, and the downloaded apps (which to me not so important :P).

    For those who have not found a way out to the problem, I wish you could be able to fix it soon. I know how frustrating it can be…

    Thanks guys!

    • Aliyah says:

      hi i just did what you said to my samsung galaxey mini,&& i came up with an android(robot thinkg and its saying downloading? did yours do that? is there anything else i can do to fix it?

  78. KayLynn says:


  79. Nicholas Berroa says:

    How does this work on Huawei Ascend?

  80. randi says:

    thank you soooo much. i freaked out for a good 4 hours..yelling at my mom for touching/locking my phone…but after about 8 or so attempts at this method, i was able to get in and fix it all.

    i have a samsung captivate and it worked just like your phone in the video..thank you thank you thank you:)

  81. christine says:

    how do you unlock a mytouch 4G. my 11 year old daughter got hers locked up by a boy at her school, messing with her phone. tThe only assist that TMobile gave was to do a master reset which I refuse to do. it has now been over a week and I don’t know how to unlock it. the phone will not accept her username & password even though it is correct. HELP

  82. melexia says:

    what about the android from metro pcs

  83. David says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t provide a solution for every phone out there. This method works for some phones but not all. I recommend looking for a factory reset for your own phone (which will erase your contacts and apps) but should get your phone working. Normally, most personal files and photos are stored in a separate flash memory area so those should be fine. Your phone service provider should be able to assist you if none of these methods work.

  84. bonediggit says:

    This was such a lifesaver, you have no idea! Thanks so much! Tried this on my Samsung Captivate on AT&T, and it worked on the 3rd or 4th try. Thanks for being a genius!

  85. Jess says:

    Thank you sooo much!!
    after a few tries i was able to unlock my motorola cliq
    i had been trying to find a way to unlock it all day! because i did not want to have a master reset which was the only option i thought i had!
    again thank you!!

  86. Carissa says:

    It worked on my first try.

  87. Mosi says:

    @Admin give me the steps for the factory reset on GalaxyS for verizon as well!

  88. David says:


    Already done!

    • githined says:

      does it work for samsung galaxy s super clear GT-I9003

      i’v been trying with all my energy for over 30 times nw but still not working

  89. yuri says:

    do you also know how to unlock LG android phone?

    i badly need help please.

  90. David says:

    @yuri: The only LG phones confirmed so far are LG GW620, Optimus and Intouch Max… give it a try on yours and let us know!

  91. Roxana says:


    u are genius,u are everything man!!
    i was just crying and crying,and when i read ur forum,it was amazing,i really dont think it work on mine,BUT yessssssssss,it workss,i have xperia x10!!!

    and again and again THANXxXxXxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:* ;*
    immmm sooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!

  92. David says:

    @Roxana: Congratz! and thanks for confirming on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10!

  93. Mike says:

    Samsung Mesmerize Galaxy S

    Thanks man! You saved my life. I’ve tried this before on the same phone and it never worked. You just have to keep tapping the button really fast for a long time. Even if it doesn’t work for after maybe a minute, keep going. If it doesn’t work after one minute of tapping it, then just try again. This does work, just takes persistence. DON’T GIVE UP!!!

  94. Sandy says:

    it work.. .. thanks..

  95. Elena Sorana says:

    I really need help!
    and we have a Samsung Galaxy S unfortunately I tried as you do in the movie and we were not out. We have a Samsung i9000 Galaxy S in Romania differs from the model of the video that only has three buttons down and not four as in the movie, if you send us an e mail to send pictures with our phone and maybe we help find a solution to recover data and pictures of it. We are desperate because all the pictures of our daughter from birth until now are stored in the phone, as all contacts and addresses. Please help us and save us. Thank you and we look forward to your response.

    • David says:

      @Elena: is there a home button out of those 3? Possibly the center? If so, that should be the one you need to tap. Also, if you have your daughter’s photos in there, it should be actually stored in the removable microSD memory card you can take out after removing the back cover. My suggestion is to first read the microSD card from another computer and retrieve your pictures. If there is no home button, I’m not sure this will work….

  96. Anique says:

    This method worked the first time I tried it. Thanks SO MUCH for putting this up here. I have a Verizon Samsung Fascinate SCH-I500. Just got it yesterday and I am sooooo thankful I didn’t have to bring it into the store and pay a fee.

    The only question I have is, once you take the synced accounts off, can you re-sync them? Or are the multiple apps part of the problem?

  97. Elena Sorana says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for the response, we have home button in the middle, but I think we are trying very fast. As for microSD memory card is not there in the phone and using only internal memory. In our attempts on the screen appears that emergency button + but how many times must he pressed the button with the original house? When the keyboard appears with numbers should resume operations at first closing the phone or need to continue? I look forward to your response. Thanks for your help!
    Please help us and save us

    • David says:

      The emergency button can be pressed when it pops up and changes colors but to ensure it is pressed enough, you can tap both the home and emergency button together. If the keyboard appears, I assume that it is showing the Google username and password screen which mean it failed. If you can, send me some pictures through the e-mail address I sent you. Please check your e-mail.

      • ronell says:

        Can you answer for the HTC wildfire S becuase i dont want a reset. thank you soo much if you can

  98. Richard says:

    im using zte light android tablet…the same problem, i cant open it due to multiple patters incorrect. can u help me to solve it, in this tablet model? thank you.

  99. leilani says:

    help ! anyone know how to reset and lg optimus !

  100. Youssef says:

    Hello i have the Galaxy s2 model, and when i al tapping the home button very fast and sometimes tryies the emergency button the keypad shows up, no matter how fast im tapping the home button!!!! please help mee i am on vacation in Marokko and live in Denmark, and i really really need to use my phone!

  101. Youssef says:

    Does it work when i only typing the home button???? cus it is really impossible to press the emergency without the keypad showing!
    Help help help!!!

  102. Annie says:

    Man i have been tryin and tryin and i’ve gotten close but i just can’t get it!!!

  103. christina says:

    HELP I have the htc hero my boys were playing with my phone and locked it i dont recall my username or password

  104. kim says:

    This works, i’ve been trying for several days to reset my phone. (samsung gt-15500m android)
    This is what i did:
    1) Remove SIM card
    2) Remove SD card
    3) Press all three button as indicated
    Press power button, call button and volume down for 30 seconds
    4) This then bring me into a recovery mode, scroll down and select reset (YES).
    5) Reboot system

  105. Alex says:

    anyone knows if it works on the i5500???? i cant seem to unlock it. . .. or how to factory reset it ???

  106. Cathtastic says:

    OMG! David you are a lifesaver! Did this last night and it worked after trying so many other options that didn’t work! I needed my text messages for my child custody case and would of been screwed if I had to do a factory reset! I can’t believe all the reps at Verizon couldn’t help but only suggest the reset! So ridiculous! Thank you so much for posting this! =))

  107. ram says:

    i have a galaxy 3 bt this trick not working

  108. Jessica says:

    My bro kept on trying the pattern to annoy me, and when my Google account wouldn’t work, I started to panic a little. I spent so much time googling for a solution lol.

    Anyways, it worked for me on my U.S. Cellular Samsung Mesmerize, which is basically like a clone of the Facinate. So thanks again because this has helped me so much!!!

  109. Rhyanakids says:

    If you cant get into turning on the WIFI to enter email and password,cuz some phones need it then follow these steps.
    1.make sure phone is on to where you got to enter email and password
    2.touch emergency calls
    3.touch option button(usually on bottom left
    4.on top right touch mic symbol
    5.then slide down top portion that indicates WIFI,Bluetooth,GPS,and silent
    6.then turn on WIFI
    7.then you would be able to enter email and password and youl be all set from there by following what phone would ask from you and you wont loose any of your data,photos,videoes,music,games or what so ever(if you dont remember your password and email then i suggest you master reset but your memory will be deleted except your sd memory GOOD LUCK!!!!!)

  110. Quevo says:

    OMG!!!!! Worked the first time on Cellular South Samsung Galaxy S… thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  111. toby says:

    how do u do it on sprint galaxy s epic 4g???????????

  112. Tajhonika says:

    You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried 5 times (got it on the fifth)! Thank you so much!!!!

  113. Khatt says:

    Do It Worked On Verizon Motorola

  114. Charisse Lintag says:

    It doesn’t work on my HTC Mytouch Slide 3g. After i press the home button and emergency call it only goes back to the logo and back to where i am. tsk.

  115. Charisse Lintag says:

    i think the prob with my Mytouch Slide 3g is that it goes directly to lock screen. I have to slide down the screen to unlock before the “emergency call” shows. grrrrrrr.

  116. mathias says:

    thank you soooooo much! worked on my at&t samsung galaxy s Captivate on like the second try. just start the tapping when the att screen (with like the bars) goes up.

  117. Tina says:

    OMG i need help. i know my gmail account information but it keeps saying its wrong! the method isnt working for me! my nephew wouldnt stop trying to unlock my phone,drew my pattern wrong to many times so now im locked out. i tried to factory reset but it still keep asking for my google info.
    im not understanding why i can access my google email threw my laptop but not threw my any more suggestions?

    Samsung Galaxy S for ATT

  118. Galaxy s says:

    I have a galaxy s and I’ve tried this method and it don’t work all I get is a faint image of my apps I’n the background and the only thing I don’t no is my google account name but I no my password so help me please

  119. Adam says:

    Need help with Galaxt GT-i5500, locked out and cant seem to factory reset with any of the combinations – it only seems to start up as normal each time 🙁

    any advice?

  120. Miracle says:


    MY Phoonee Got Locked && its asking Me For My Google account user name && password….But i have NO CLUE what it is !!

    -i have an HTC DROID INCREDIBLE 2 –Carrier: Verizon !!! But mines dont have a verizon logo when it starts up.
    -but it does have the button where you have to slide it down first in order to get where it asks you to sign in…

    i tried doing that but its not working && i REALLY REALLY dont want to reset my phone because i have alot of important pictures/videos && alot more things on it !!!
    –so if ANYONE Can PLEASE HELP ME OUT that Would Be Great:)

  121. Adrian says:

    i have the same problem as miracle and the exact phone as her to.
    can someone please help me out????

    • David says:

      Unfortunately, this solution won’t work for all phones. If your pictures and videos are stored on a separate removable card, try removing it and performing a factory reset.

  122. lisa says:

    werkt het op galaxy mini ?

  123. karen says:

    does it work for tmobile galaxy ?.

  124. tristan says:

    heey guys ive got a samsung galaxy fit and am very lost can anyone help me??

  125. Rebecca says:

    You saved me! I love you! I was minutes away from doing a factory reset and erasing everything. I was trying everything but nothing worked. I thought this wasnt gonna work either and i must have tried at least 15 times before it DID work. After a lot of tries

    I started pressing other buttons like the back and menu button and search button as well as the lock button and volume buttons on the sides. I pretty much started pressing everything as much as I could and that was when it let me into my phone. It did take a little while though. Like I almost gave up then it let me in. DON’T GIVE UP! Then I would press the lock button again accidentally (habit) and it would send me back to the gmail login before I was ready, but I would just go back to pressing a bunch of buttons (without turning it off and on again) and it would let me back in.

    thanks again so much! You saved me a lot of money and suffering lol 😀

  126. Bea says:

    This works on the LG optimus 🙂
    I’ve done it twice!!

    Just keep trying, for those that say it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work all the time, sometimes you have to do it 20 times before it lets you in the screen.

  127. lafeal says:

    how can i unlock my phone when there is to many pattern attempts.. it says i have to have have a gmail account but i forget it and my password

  128. quincy says:

    Do it work for any Galaxy S ?

  129. cat says:

    i hate it

  130. Sophie says:

    buut what if it says safe mode at the bottum left corner ??? -_-

  131. Steve says:

    hey if you plug the usb in so the usb menu comes up and you spam the home button and the emergency button i got into the main menu in about 5 seconds! worked for the galaxy i5500 and just go to reset to factory settings and it removes the pattern and username stage for anyone stuck on that! make sure to remove your SD card and sim card…

  132. Rosalyn says:

    I found a cell phone at a parking lot but to my luck it has a # password and I can’t unlock it how do I do this. I want to unlock it to call the contacts and return it to its owner. Of course I don’t want to reset because iits not my information on the phone and I think it would be rude. Pls heeeelp I know how it feels to loose ur phone and info!

    • David says:

      Rosalyn, you should take that phone to the phone service provider’s retail store. (ex – Verizon, AT&T) They can look up the information using the MEID (or equivalent) information on the sticker inside the phone and easily find the owner.

  133. Daniel says:

    i need help i have a droid x and it says too many attempts, im about to throw it at the wall its annoying the heck outta me

  134. 1HappyMom says:

    Thank you so much for this information. Worked after several tries on my sons Samsung Intercept (sprint), but it was worth the time.

  135. Jas says:

    does anyone live in detroit so you can do it for me or upload another video . its not working i have a Galaxy Captivate , and i refuse to hard reset it because i have important numbers in it. PLEASE HELP ASAP

  136. Lexi says:

    i have the droid pro and my friends little cousin locked me out and i tryed this but with my phone you have to do the slide unlock thing so it didnt work can you please is there anything at all i can do to unlock my phone please help i need my phone back!!!! D:

  137. Anna says:

    tried it on a samsung GT-15500 didnt work..but got into it after i payed 10 euro to a man who works in a unlocking shop,and super iv got my phone back up and running 🙂

  138. Stacy says:

    what if i cant remember my google account information? my brother put my pattern in wrong to many times, an its askin for my google mail account but i dont remember the username or password of it. :/

    • manpreet singh says:

      sir, pls help me my phone samsang galaxy y,my brother put in wrong to many its askin for my google mail account but i dont rememder the username or password of it

      • Victoria says:

        me too i have been trying to unlock my phone for days and i dont know what happened because my cellphone is low batt for only one one night and when i woke up it says too many pattern attempts can someone please help me i will wait! my cellphone is Samsung Galaxy Y or Samsung Galaxy Young PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  139. ALEXIZ SANCHESZ says:


  140. Gopinathan says:

    Phone model:Xperia mini 10 pro:

    @Roxana:can you please tell me how you unlocked xperia?

    Thanks in advance.

  141. john says:

    Why does my samsung mesmerize keep entering safe mode??? It takes away my handceny messaging away for the main bar at the bottom and unlinked my gf contact for facebook, and doesn’t show her pic or her facebook contact in my contacts list. How do I keep safe mode from coming on?? Its really annoying…..

  142. Daniel says:

    Hello there,
    I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Europa, and like others I am locked out of my phone. I looked on the internet to see that others had the same problem. I’ve tried your method at least a hundred times, and it hasn’t worked. I emailed Samsung, and also Android, and I was told to reset my phone using the volume up, home button and the power button. This hasn’t worked either. ANY IDEAS?

  143. hanh says:

    does it work on dell streak 7. i try many time but could not help

  144. baidu123 says:

    Hi, I cant figure out how you can add your web page in my RSS feed reader. Can you tell me what Im doing wrong, please.

  145. dat_rob says:

    does this work for metro pcs lg’s

  146. TechFlop says:

    I tried, but did not succeed. I really don’t want to pay much especially since I just got my phone a few hours before this happened. (Ah, stupidity!) My phone is a Samsung Gravity T589 or Samsung Gravity Smart T589 (it has many names; it is also known as Samsung Galaxy Q) My carrier is Rogers. I tried pushing down all the buttons at once, and it lead me to a pink screen that asks whether you’d like to download a custom OS. I agreed & the download screen says this:
    “Custom Binary Download: No”
    “Current Kernel: Samsung!!”
    I am not sure what a Kernel is– in fact, I have no idea how to get my phone back. It’s not the number/alphanumeric password. It is the pattern/connect-the-dots lock & I forgot. Please help & thank you!

    My parents will murder me if they have to pay $40 to get it up and running again.. Please reply ASAP!
    Thank you.

  147. QUA says:

    i found a htc droid with google but its verizon . I tried your method but it doesnt work. Do you have any other suggestions.

  148. Ellen says:

    I desperately need help with my samsung GT-I5500..plz.i dn evn mind factory reset

  149. becca says:

    i really need some help! i need a google account to unlock my phone and i am 100% sure that i know the info but it says that i putted the wrong email/password i have also tried to hard reset it with the 3buttons but that has no affect at all it just turns on my phone.
    This is really bad timing because i really need it this week and i have tried every possible way here and it doesn’t work. When i try to tap it it just stays at pin code.

    • Mita says:

      What should I do to turn on my DATA CONNECTION if I cannot log into my device?

      My mother tried to open my Sony Ericsson ST15i. She don’t know English. And, alas, my device get blocked because of too many pattern attempt.

      I knew I input my Gmail password rightly. But my phone replies that my account or my password is wrong. Then I considered that most of the method requires DATA CONNECTION on my phone. The problem is I turned off my DATA CONNECTION and WIFI to add more battery life in my mobile. Now I get stuck.

    • omid habibi says:

      if you have the tpod player in your phone and the screen locker of that is on and the hedset controler is on maby you can open it you should have a hedphone with control botton that just work that time you inter it to your phone if you push the botton of playing songs you have will play now unlock your phone.the lock of that player will com and you just have to move it frome left to right and your phone will be open then after some days when you sign in with google accont it will sign in and bring for you the secriurity sittings then if you want agine have a pattern lock or pin cod you can chose and inter it it works on50% android phones i hope it will worke i think if you chose the pin or password it will be better

      • tara says:

        ????!???? ??? ?????? ??????
        ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??????? ??? ???? ????????(?? ?????? ?? ???? home)?? ???? ?? ????? ???????? ?? ??? ????? ???? ????????? ????

    • ayesha says:

      hey… i hv the same problem.. hv u any suggestion..??

  150. Kyle says:

    this worked for galaxy s epic from sprint. Very nice by the way. If this doesn’t work for you you can also call it menu settings privacy factory reset.

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