How to Quick Install Opencart – The Easiest Free Online Retail Website

Here is a quick overview of the Opencart installation process. This will come in handy as a compact guideline when you need to install Opencart quickly.

[Basic Opencart requirements : Web server(Apache), PHP (5.2+), MYSQL, Curl, basic knowledge required]

1. Download the latest source code (zip format) here:

2. Unzip downloaded file into a temporary folder.

3. Find the folder named “upload” and upload all contents inside (usually through ftp) to the web directory you wish to run Opencart. (web server root folder or, etc.)

4. Ensure the following folders permissions are set (through ftp is fine, normally okay but sometimes needs to be changed):
chmod 0755 or 0777 image/
chmod 0755 or 0777 image/cache/
chmod 0755 or 0777 image/data/
chmod 0755 or 0777 system/cache/
chmod 0755 or 0777 system/logs/
chmod 0755 or 0777 download/
chmod 0755 or 0777 config.php
chmod 0755 or 0777 admin/config.php

5. Create a new MYSQL database, new user and assign user rights to the new database. (for shared hosting, normally through your hosting control panel)

6. Connect to the store site address to initiate web installation auto-installer.

7. Follow screen instructions.
– Agree to installation
– Check requirements
– Enter database & database user information & set admin password and e-mail

8. Delete install folder after installation is complete.

9. Opencart Installation Complete!

For detailed installation instructions, there is nothing better than the official Opencart installation guide here:

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