File Server Recommendation: Synology DiskStation

Everyone who deals with a large amount of files is in need of a file server. With the ever increasing amount of photos, music, videos and documents, you need an efficient and affordable, yet convenient solution. That is why I’d like to spare a moment and share my thoughts on the file server systems from Synology. While there are a plethora of file servers out there, I found the Synology DiskStations to be best in terms of usability, compatibility and cost-effectiveness.

The basic functions of a file server is to share files, and Synology keeps that core function very effectively. Sharing folders based on usernames and passwords are easily created and accessed in both Windows and Mac, just the way you would want a shared folder to appear in Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.

If that wasn’t enough, Synology file servers have its own web-based operating system that allows you to upload and download files freely using a web browser and can even open certain documents and audio/video files in the browser itself without downloading. This is an excellent alternative to ftp and better than most free or paid file sharing services and you are in control of your own data. You also utilize the bandwidth you already paid for to your internet service provider.

Synology has a line up for almost every file server configuration you would want. From a single drive system to multiple bays of RAIDed configurations that can hold terabytes of data. For home or small businesses, Synology products fit the sweet spot quite remarkably.


Here are the reasons why I like the Synology DiskStation.

1. Works Very Well with Both Windows and Mac OS

Once you create a folder and share it (either public to everyone or user based), you can access it easily in Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.

2. Convenient Web Access

You can access your files over the internet using the embedded web operating system named DiskStation Manager. By forwarding port 5000 (or 5001 for encrypted access) to your DiskStation, you can access it using any home or business based internet. (as long as you know the external IP address)

3. Large File Transfer Capability

Transferring large files over the internet is a pain. Once it goes over 2GBs, there are very few options available. If you have a DiskStation, along with Google Chrome (64-bit browser), you can easily upload and download files larger than 2GBs regardless of your operating system.

4. Quiet and Power Efficient

Synology DiskStations are quiet. If you’ve used other file server products, external RAID drives or other multi-disk USB drives, you’ve probably found it too noisy to keep it on top of your desk next to your computer or to even keep it on all day long. Synology DiskStations use a much quieter fan and goes into sleep mode when not used and wakes back up when you need it.

5. Price

When purchased with the main unit and disk drives separately, Synology DiskStations cost less than comparable products from even brand name manufacturers. Instead of buying a RAID external drive, the DiskStation has the same and even more functions available and is easy to use.


With these 5 reasons, I think the Synology Diskstation is a convenient and highly competitive product that you should definitely consider for your next file server purchase.

2 Responses to File Server Recommendation: Synology DiskStation

  1. Ananda says:

    Je ne sais pas si c’est le même dans les 2 NAS (QNAP VS Synology).J’ai eu un QNAP équipé d’un Marvell qui a grillé… Mauvais suoevnir.

  2. Peter says:

    I found the latest firmware upgrade, DSM 4.0 very fast and useful with added features like the VPN Server capability. It rocks!

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